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Tao Yoga 8 Immortals


Palm Beach Tao Yoga Class Schedule:

Tao Yoga on the Gold Coast is currently available on the Southern end of the Gold Coast. Weekly classes are currently held in Currumbin Waters and Tweed Heads South. Below is our current schedule of weekly Tao Yoga classes in the Palm Beach area:

  • Tuesdays 5pm-6:15pm in Currumbin Waters – Tao Yoga Foundation Class
    • Location – 10/7 Villiers Drive, Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast (map) @ 11past11 studio
    • Cost – single class $15 or 5 class pass $60 
  • Wednesdays 8-9am in Tweed Heads South – Tao Yoga Tai Chi Class
    • Location – Club Active Tweed
    • Address –3 140/112 Minjungbal Dr, Tweed Heads South NSW (map)
    • This gym is aimed at patrons over 50 years of age.
    • Please contact the gym directly to register for the class (07) 5523 9771.
  • Wednesdays 10-11:15am in Palm Beach – Tao Yoga Foundation Class
    • Please note that Wednesday morning classes are currently not running.

What is a Tao Yoga Foundation class?

In the Tao Yoga Foundation class we study the three core practices of the Tao Yoga Arts system:

  • Tao Longevity Breath Training
  • 8 Immortal Tao Yin
  • Golden Lotus floor exercises

8 Immortal Tao Yin

The 8 Immortal Tao Yin is a set of 9 ancient Taoist Yoga longevity exercises, with 8 opening forms and 1 closing form.

These exercises are a very powerful set of movements that have many important health benefits:

∞ Lengthen and transform the tendons

∞ Open space in the skeletal system

∞ Cleanse and wash the bone marrow

∞ Massage the internal organs

∞ Detoxify the body of unwanted toxins

∞ Greatly increase flexibility

∞ Build stamina and endurance

∞ Calm the mind and spirit

∞ Open the meridian system

∞ Develop the core energetic centre -the Dantian

The following video shows Yuko from TaoYoga Kamakura, Japan, performing the first 4 exercises in the 8 Immortal Tao Yin.

Below is a diagram of the 3 Dantian, the 3 Inner Elixir Cultivation Fields of the body, which we cultivate in our practice, in particular the Tao Longevity Breath Training.

Palm Beach Tao Yoga

The 3 Dantian