Thai massage

Thai Massage or “Nuad Bo-Rarn” is the ancient art of healing from Thailand. Originally founded in India over 2500 years ago, it was bought to Thailand by Doctor Shivago Komarpaj. Founded in the traditions of Yoga and Ayuverdic medicine, Thai massage is essentially a mix of Yoga style stretching of the body and Shiatsu style acupressure to various points on the body . A Thai massage session involves a full-body massage usually working up from the feet and finishing with the head. There are 4 basic positions for Thai massage: front, back, side and sitting. A typical session might be a combination of these positions or could focus entirely on one position.

The client is always fully clothed during a Thai massage session.

At Curatio we provide the Northern Thailand style of Thai massage, which is softer and more relaxing than the Southern style. We also focus on healing through energy realignment.


This position is a full leg stretch.


This position is a stretch of the calf with acupressure on the feet.

This is an acupressure massage on the palm of the hand.

This is an acupressure massage on the palm of the hand.

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