About Curatio

Curatio means healing!

Sungazing at sunrise

Sungazing at sunrise

Thai massage at Curatio

Thai massage at Curatio

The term “curatio” comes from the Latin language and translates as “healing”.

Most sickness, pain and discomfort in the human body is a result of an energy imbalance. If your energy is not flowing correctly you will be likely to suffer some kind of discomfort, which if not corrected will lead to more serious problems like dis-ease. Health problems, both physically and emotionally, are interconnected, therefore working with the body’s energy system to bring it back into balance will help to alleviate any discomfort arising from a physical or emotional issue.

At Curatio we provide healing ∞ healing for your body and soul ∞

At Curatio we focus on helping you heal. Our therapy will allow your body to enter a state of complete relaxation and activate it’s natural healing powers that usually get switched off in the busy cycle of everyday life. Through our energy healing and massage therapy, your body will be able to forget it’s stressed condition and switch into healing mode, allowing rejuvenation and regeneration to take place. We tailor our treatments to suit your particular needs, whether that be a deep tissue Remedial massage, or a powerful energy healing treatment.

We aim to provide you with the ultimate sensory relaxation and healing experience and guarantee you will feel completely relaxed and refreshed, both physically and mentally.

If you are on the Gold Coast, and particularly nearby Palm Beach, give us a call to arrange your appointment.

We have a relaxing home-based salon in Palm Beach and we can also arrange mobile massage to your location at your convenience.

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