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Palm Beach Tao Yoga Class Schedule:

Tao Yoga on the Gold Coast is currently available in Palm Beach at our intimate home-based studio. Below is our current schedule of weekly Tao Yoga classes in the Palm Beach area:

  • Tuesdays 5pm-6:15pm in Palm Beach – Tao Yoga Foundation Class
    • Location – Laguna Park Palm Beach (During the Summer months) – Laguna Avenue, Palm Beach, Gold Coast (map)
    • Cost – $10
  • Wednesdays 10-11:15am in Palm Beach – Tao Yoga Foundation Class
    • Location – Curatio Healing Studio Palm Beach – 1/22 Cuba Avenue, Palm Beach, Gold Coast (map)
    • Cost – $10

What is a Tao Yoga Foundation class?

In the Tao Yoga Foundation class we study the three core practices of the Tao Yoga Arts system:

  • Tao Longevity Breath Training
  • 8 Immortal Tao Yin
  • Golden Lotus floor exercises

8 Immortal Tao Yin

The 8 Immortal Tao Yin is a set of 9 ancient Taoist Yoga longevity exercises, with 8 opening forms and 1 closing form.

These exercises are a very powerful set of movements that have many important health benefits:

∞ Lengthen and transform the tendons

∞ Open space in the skeletal system

∞ Cleanse and wash the bone marrow

∞ Massage the internal organs

∞ Detoxify the body of unwanted toxins

∞ Greatly increase flexibility

∞ Build stamina and endurance

∞ Calm the mind and spirit

∞ Open the meridian system

∞ Develop the core energetic centre -the Dantian

The following video shows Yuko from TaoYoga Kamakura, Japan, performing the first 4 exercises in the 8 Immortal Tao Yin.

Below is a diagram of the 3 Dantian, the 3 Inner Elixir Cultivation Fields of the body, which we cultivate in our practice, in particular the Tao Longevity Breath Training.

Palm Beach Tao Yoga

The 3 Dantian