Curatio is a healing centre located in the seaside town of Tsujido, in Kanagawa Prefecture. Just 30 minutes from Yokohama and 1 hour from Tokyo our centre is easily accessible for a day of healing and relaxation.

At Curatio we  provide rejuvenating Thai massage therapy, relaxing Aromatherapy massage and Reiki healing to balance your body’s energy and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, relieving your stresses and aches and pains.

As a healing centre and health space we believe in providing an atmosphere which is soothing for the soul and therapies that are soothing for the body.

Feel free to make a reservation for a treatment from our menu or just drop-by if you are in the area.

Curatio's logo

Curatio's logo

Curatio in Tsujido

Curatio in Tsujido

4 thoughts on “Curatio

  1. Congratulations on the opening of Curatio.
    We will make a visit next year on our trip to Japan.
    Love the pics on your website……….Cheers

  2. Sawadee Khrab! I’m about to go to Thailand and I’m very excited about it. Already got my flight to Bangkok and from there I’ll go explore around Samui, I found your awesome site on Bing and it seems that you know a lot about Thailand. Would you kindly give me a hint where to stay in Thailand? I’ve read there are some fantastic resorts near Phuttamonthon and the airport… Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi, sorry about the late reply. I have never been to Samui before but I imagine there are many good places to stay there. Koh Phangan is also a good island to go to and I usually go there.

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