Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast

Relocation to Australia

As of September 2013 we have relocated to the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
We are looking forward to establishing a healing retreat centre here but in the meantime we will offer our services on a mobile basis.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to make a reservation.

Transform your stress into Vitality

-∞- Transform your stress into Vitality -∞-

★BEN&SHIZUKA ヒーリングタオワークショップ!★
Next month starting August 17th, 7:00-10:00pm, Shizuka Tsuchiya and Benjamin Robins will be presenting a 4 part Universal Healing Tao workshop series.
This is a 4 part workshop series in the Universal Healing Tao practice.
This workshop series is a collaboration between Shizuka Tsuchiya and Benjamin Robins.
Both are Universal Healing Tao Instructors and Shizuka is also a …

-∞- Iron Shirt Workshop @ Yuriyoga studio -∞-

This coming Sunday (June 19th) 1:00-3:00pm
6月19日(日) 13:00-15:00
Universal Healing Tao Workshop 3
For reservations please contact Yuri:
Ground yourself though Iron Shirt Chi Kung
Ground yourself through Iron Shirt Chi Kung part 2
Based on the Universal Healing Tao System, Iron Shirt Chi Kung is the practice of cultivating internal strength, detoxifying the internal organs and developing a solid grounding …

-∞- Update from Australia -∞-

I’m currently in Australia spending some time on
the beautiful Gold Coast to plan the next stage
of my journey through life.
Around 10 days after the massive M9.0 earthquake
and tsunami hit Northern Japan I decided it would
be a good opportunity to take a break in Australia
and assess the options available in my home
Initially after the quake I was …

-∞- Microcosmic Orbit -∞-

The Microcosmic Orbit is the path of energy that travels from the tantien, up the spine to the crown and down the front channel of the body back to the navel.
From the moment of conception until the early years of life the Microcosmic Orbit runs automatically. However it stops moving at an early age and …

-∞- March Schedule -∞-

March is shaping up to be a busy month with lots of Universal Healing Tao classes, a few workshops and also a new course.
Firstly regular UHT classes will take place at the YogaTree in Hiroo every Thursday from 1:00-2:30pm as usual.
The cost is only ¥1500 as it is a community class.
Please check the YogaTree’s website …

January Workshops

Happy New Year!!
2011 is going to be a great year and I am looking forward to exciting things happening this year.
First of all I am going to Bali for 10 days vacation. I will be leaving for Narita airport in just over an hour and will return on the morning of January 28th.
Since it is …