-∞- Microcosmic Orbit -∞-

The Microcosmic Orbit is the path of energy that travels from the tantien, up the spine to the crown and down the front channel of the body back to the navel.
From the moment of conception until the early years of life the Microcosmic Orbit runs automatically. However it stops moving at an early age and …

November & December UHT class schedule

New Paradigm Centre in Yoyogi Uehara
Saturday 6th 7pm-9pm
Special 2 hour workshop focusing on the Iron Shirt Chi Gong practice
¥3150 reservation necessary
Monday 8th, 15th & 29th 7:30-9pm
Basic UHT practice
¥2500 reservation necessary
Wednesday 10th
Focused UHT practice: Iron Shirt Chi Gong or Tao Yin Yoga
¥2500 reservation necessary
Please visit the New Paradigm Centre’s website for further information about the location …

Fasting and colon cleansing

This week I will be doing a 7-10 (July 16th-25th) day fast with home administered colonics. This is my 5th time to do such a fasting program with colonic irrigation and I will be following the program at HPS-online and undertaking what is called a 7DW Freedom Cleanse. This is an excellent program and highly …


What does it mean to be healthy?
That is a difficult question to answer as each person has their own unique idea of what is healthy.
In my opinion, being healthy is:

not getting sick
having an abundance of energy
looking young for your age