Fasting and colon cleansing

This week I will be doing a 7-10 (July 16th-25th) day fast with home administered colonics. This is my 5th time to do such a fasting program with colonic irrigation and I will be following the program at HPS-online and undertaking what is called a 7DW Freedom Cleanse. This is an excellent program and highly recommended to those who want to take their health to new levels. I will be reporting briefly about my fast here at Curatio’s site so please stay tuned for details.

One of our goals at Curatio is to eventually develop a comprehensive healing/wellness centre which will offer on-site fasting and cleansing programs.

Day 1

Today I just drank water all day and took some supplements to help with initiating the cleansing process inside the colon. I didn’t do a colonic today but will do one tomorrow. I felt good all day with just a minor drop in energy in the morning. Basically my body is used to this kind of fasting even though it has been just over 1 year since my last cleanse. After 36 hours of fasting the body moves into detoxification mode and begins releasing toxins that have become built-up and stored in the body’s cells and organs into the bloodstream. Over the next few days I will most likely start to experience headaches and feel my energy decrease.

Day 2

Again I just drank water all day with some supplements and psyllium powder which expands inside the colon acting like a broom to sweep out all of the built up mucus. I felt good all day and actually conducted 4 massages without any loss of energy. Since I have been doing this kind of fasting for 3 years now my body is accustomed to the process and I can continue my day-to-day life while fasting.

Day 3

Today I started to drink fresh watermelon juice. I could have continued on water but I want to spend a few days flooding my body with the fresh enzymes that are in fresh fruit juice. Since watermelon juice has an affinity with the kidneys a few days of drinking fresh watermelon juice will do wonders for my kidneys. My energy was a bit low in the morning today but picked up by the afternoon and now I feel normal again.

great for the kidneys!

Watermelon juice: great for the kidneys!

Day 4

Today I continued drinking watermelon juice with my supplements. The watermelon juice tastes amazing and I was looking forward to each glass! Just having a glass of watermelon juice every 3 hours keeps away any hunger pains. I was feeling pretty good today but also took time to rest and conserve some energy. I did my second colonic after which I felt very calm. I also managed to rig up a steam bath in the bathroom which was great for shedding some toxins through the skin.

Day 5

Another day of juice fasting on watermelon juice. I love fasting in summer as watermelon is in season and readily available. The watermelon juice is so refreshing and provides lots of energy to keep you going throughout the day.
I had another day working in the healing centre today but also did a colonic to continue the process of flushing toxins from the colon. It’s also important to do lots of stretching and deep breathing when fasting to help with the process of detoxification. My energy was good again throughout the day.

Day 6

Today I had to go to Tokyo for some work and had a pretty busy schedule including lots of cycling around town between jobs. It was going to be a challenge to keep my energy up with the strenuous exercise of cycling in the hot summer heat.
I only had a watermelon juice in the morning and continued the rest of the day with just water.
Before leaving for Tokyo I did another colonic followed by a steam. As usually I was feeling good not only after the colonic but especially after the steam which opens the pours of the skin to release even more toxins. The skin is one of the biggest elimination organs of the body and shouldn’t be neglected during a fast as a way of shedding toxins.
Anyway I survived the day after about 30kms on the bicycle at almost top speed for more than half that distance. My legs started to fade on some of the hills which was to be expected but I still felt ok at the end of the day. It’s amazing the kind of exercise the body can withstand after a few years of fasting experience. I wouldn’t have attempted this had it been my first or second fast.

Day 7

Today I had a massage with the therapist I had been visiting for 2 or 3 years when I used to live in Nishi Ogikubo. It was good to see him after almost 1 year and he did a great job working on my full body with a mixture of Shiatsu and far-infra-red therapy. He managed to release some built-up tension in my upper back due to prolonged computer use. He also said my pulse was very strong and slow which was due to being in Day 7 of the fast. The body’s pulse naturally slows down when there is no food in the body. The heart starts to beat more slowly and rhythmically and the stress on the internal organs is greatly reduced. Once the digestive system stops its usually daily grind for longer than 36 hours the body starts to go into repair mode, rebuilding cells and damaged tissue and the organs start to release their build-up of toxins into the blood stream.
I did mostly water for the day with a colonic in the morning. By the end of the day I was feeling a little low in energy. I guess I was feeling like I needed to relax and didn’t want to be working, especially at this stage of the fast. Each case is different and sometimes I have a lot of energy after 6 or 7 days but this time my energy was a little down. However this gave me a great insight in that my energy is totally dependant on my state of mind. I found that as I started to look towards the end of the fast and let thoughts of eating take over my mind I lost touch with the present moment and wanted to escape the present moment. If I had have kept my mind in the present moment and rejoiced in the fact that I was doing amazing things for my health I think my energy level would have remained high.

I didn’t get around to finishing this blog post so here is the last of the fast and the follow week after the fast finished!

Day 8

I stayed at a friend’s house last night as I had to do a photo shoot early this morning and didn’t want to go back home really late last night only to come back again very early in the morning. Anyway my energy continued to be quite low throughout the day. The creative process of doing a photo shoot was fun but draining. Also I didn’t drink enough water and being a hot, humid day I felt a little dehydrated. By the time I reached home in the evening I was in desperate need of some juice for an energy boost and juiced half a watermelon which was a real saviour. There was no colonic as I didn’t have time to fit one in.

Day 9

After waking up today I felt it was a good day to break the fast. Usually after 7-9 days you will feel naturally like your body is ready to finish fasting and ease back into the eating process. Around noon I ate a papaya which has lots of good enzymes for the stomach. There are many theories on how to break a fast but basically I believe that consuming some alkaline fruit for the first meal is a good way to get the digestive system working again. After 7-10 days without food caution is required as to what can be eaten first. Anything acidic can cause serious cramps and stomach pain. Over the duration of a fast your body’s ph level shifts to an alkaline state and generally you should aim to keep it that way for as long as possible.
A couple of hours after my papaya I had some watermelon and a couple of hours later I had a small bowl of brown rice porridge with Japanese umeboshi which is also very alkaline.
I did my last colonic to flush out the remainder of the built-up mucous in my colon. By this stage my energy was flooding back and I was starting to feel very good! My mind was clear and sharp and my body was feeling extremely light internally. This is by far the best feeling that comes after a fast; the feeling that your internal organs are just floating rather than being heavy and sluggish.
I must finish with offering my gratitude to Jos-hua at HPS-online guiding cleansing for putting together the program that I follow for each fast/colon cleanse. This program is very comprehensive and takes you through the process step-by-step with expert guidance from a community of similar minded cleansers. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to really take their health to a new level. It will change you not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.

One week later

It has been a full 7 days since I finished the fast and I am feeling great! My energy is high and very smooth and consistent. I feel fully awake and alert from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep. I also need much less sleep, sometimes only 4-5 hours and always wake up feeling fresh. My physical energy is also very strong and my stamina is improving day-by-day. The weight I lost during the fast is rebounding which for me is a good thing since I am already slim. I am eating about 70% raw food everyday with some brown rice and occasionally lightly steamed vegetables. I am trying to avoid cooked foods as much as possible but when I am out socialising it is hard to avoid. I have eaten some sweets which I shouldn’t have but so long as I continue with 70-80% healthy food it’s not a big deal. I am also using this early stage after a fast to take some supplements which will further rebuild and strengthen my body’s cells and tissues. Everyday I make sure to take probiotics to rebuild the healthy colony of bacteria in my colon after the series of colonics I did during the fast.
My mental state is very positive! I have many challenges at the moment with my new business but having done this fast I can’t help but feel positive despite the challenges that lay ahead.
Please contact me if you have any questions about my fasting and cleansing experience and I will be happy to help you out with further information.

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