Current Schedule

We currently are teaching two classes on the Gold Coast at Club Active in Burleigh Heads:
Tuesday mornings:
Thursday mornings:
Club Active Burleigh Heads
4/11 Kortum Drive, Burleigh Heads
Contact the gym for further information.
Come along and join the fun!

Tao Yoga class in Palm Beach

Tao Yoga classes in Palm Beach

Since the beginning of 2015 we have been teaching regular Tao Yoga Arts Foundation classes at the Yoga Meditation Studio in Palm Beach. The Foundation classes teaches students the basic principles of the Tao Yoga Arts system;

Tao Longevity Breath Training
8 Immortal Tao Yin
Golden Lotus floor exercises

Classes run from 6-7pm every Tuesday. Click here for more …

Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast

Relocation to Australia

As of September 2013 we have relocated to the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
We are looking forward to establishing a healing retreat centre here but in the meantime we will offer our services on a mobile basis.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to make a reservation.

Transform your stress into Vitality

-∞- Transform your stress into Vitality -∞-

★BEN&SHIZUKA ヒーリングタオワークショップ!★
Next month starting August 17th, 7:00-10:00pm, Shizuka Tsuchiya and Benjamin Robins will be presenting a 4 part Universal Healing Tao workshop series.
This is a 4 part workshop series in the Universal Healing Tao practice.
This workshop series is a collaboration between Shizuka Tsuchiya and Benjamin Robins.
Both are Universal Healing Tao Instructors and Shizuka is also a …