Rainy season campaign 40% off until mid-July 2010

To help you get through the rainy season Curatio is having a campaign with 40% off all Healing Thai massages and 30% off all Reiki sessions.

40% off campaign at Curatio, Shibuya

40% off campaign at Curatio, Shibuya

If you are feeling heavy or lethargic from the high humidity and rain days why not spend some time in complete relaxation having your body’s energy realigned.


Our healing Thai massage will stretch your tired limbs and joints, moving out built up toxins and allowing your body’s energy to flow more freely leaving you feel light, refreshed, and rejuvenated.


Come to our small space located in central Shibuya or arrange for us to come to you.
(On call treatments at your location in Tokyo will incur an additional charge of ¥2000)


This campaign will run until mid July so make your booking early to avoid missing out on such a great deal.


Call Ben: 090 3698 0536 or send an email: info@curatio.jp to secure your booking.
ご予約は電話かメールで受付ております。ベン 090 3698 0536 info@curatio.jp

As a further incentive the first 10 customers to make a booking will receive a free Reiki Healing Attunement before your Thai massage or Reiki session.


A Reiki Healing Attunement is a powerful tool that helps to deepen the effects of healing energy in your body.

(A Reiki Healing Attunement is a one-off attunement used only for healing purposes and does not empower you to be able to perform Reiki on others.)


Healing Thai Massage ヒーリングタイ古式マッサージ

1 hour ¥6000 → ¥3600

1.5 hours ¥8500 → ¥5100

2 hours ¥10000 → ¥6000

Reiki Session レイキヒーリング

1 hour ¥5000 → ¥3500

Combination (Thai massage + Reiki) タイ古式マッサージとレイキヒーリング

1 hour Thai Massage + 30 minutes Reiki Session ¥8500 → ¥5100

Please contact us now. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


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