Universal Healing Tao classes @ Yoga Tree, Hiroo

Universal Healing Tao classes at the Yoga Tree will continue again this month every Thursday afternoon from 12:00-1:30pm.

Starting July 1, Ben Robins will teach a community class based on the Universal Healing Tao system every Thursday afternoon from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m at Yoga Tree. Ben’s classes focus on both physical practice and theoretical explanations of the system. The initial 60 minutes includes a Qiqong warm-up sequence of movement and breathing exercises to activate chi circulation; tendon strengthening exercises and organ detoxification; and basic Iron Shirt Qiqong postures to help develop grounding and bring a deeper awareness to the Tantien.

In the final 30 minutes, the focus shifts to meditation, which includes the Inner Smile meditation and Healing Sounds for the organs. The Inner Smile brings awareness to each organ in the body, their associated emotions and helps to heal and balance the organs on both a physical and emotional level. The healing sounds further develop this awareness, and greater balance and heal the organs. Lastly, some Tao Yin Yoga poses are practiced to open the lumbar and sacrum region and further facilitate the flow of chi throughout the body.

These are useful practices that students can implement into their daily regime for the purpose of enhancing Qi (energy), developing awareness and control of the emotions, and bringing the body, mind and spirit into alignment and unity.

Yoga Tree community classes are on a drop-in basis. The cost is ¥1,500 per class.

Yoga Treeでのベン先生のコミュニティークラスは、ユニバーサル・ヒーリング・タオ・シスタムに基づくレッスンです。初めの60分間はストレッチ、動きのあるポーズ、呼吸法などを練習し、終わりの30分は瞑想や陰ヨガのポーズでさらに気の流れを促します。


日時:毎週木曜日、午後 12:00~1:30


場所:Yoga Tree

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