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Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

This coming Sunday (June 19th) 1:00-3:00pm

6月19日(日) 13:00-15:00
Universal Healing Tao Workshop 3

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Ground yourself though Iron Shirt Chi Kung












Ground yourself through Iron Shirt Chi Kung part 2

Based on the Universal Healing Tao System, Iron Shirt Chi Kung is the practice of cultivating internal strength, detoxifying the internal organs and developing a solid grounding and connection to the Earth. The purpose of Iron Shirt Chi Kung is to unify Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.

In today’s “yang” society we are surrounded by so much information and the fast pace of life makes it too easy to loose our grounding and connection to the Earth. Many people become too centered in their minds, scattered and loose the ability to focus clearly. We need to understand the importance of being strongly grounded and connected to the Earth.

The last workshop introduced the basic practice of Iron Shirt Chi Kung. However Iron Shirt Chi Kung is a practice that needs to be developed over time in order for the body to become stronger internally and for internal energy to flow naturally.

This workshop will focus on deeper practice of the forms of Iron Shirt Chi Kung in order to help us to reconnect more strongly with the Earth’s “yin” energy and be more centered in our Tan Den. This will enable us to focus very clearly and make better decisions in life.

The first step will be to release all of our stress by smiling internally and down to the Earth. We will then perform a warm-up sequence to open the joints of the body, stretch the spine and tendons, strengthen the bones and detoxify the organs.

Secondly we will practice the basic Iron Shirt postures in order to feel how strong we become by sinking our center to the Earth and placing our awareness in the Tan Den. After practicing individually we will test each other’s structure in order to help each other develop stronger grounding and more confidence.

By practicing the various postures of Iron Shirt Chi Kung we will develop greater strength in the tendons, bones and muscles.

The third step will be to use Tan Den breathing techniques to detox and cleanse the internal organs and stimulate the glands. These breathing techniques are very powerful and can be used to increase the flow of hormones in the body and strengthen the immune system. We will also practice some more advanced breathing techniques to move energy into the Microcosmic Orbit.

The next step will be to meditate with our awareness in the Tan Den in order to attract more Chi into the lower Tan Den, prevent Chi from leaking out of the body and learn how to circulate the Chi freely in the Microcosmic Orbit.

Finally we will finish with the Six Healing Sounds to further detox the internal organs and relax the mind and body.

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