-∞- Transform your stress into Vitality -∞-

Transform your stress into Vitality

Transform your stress into Vitality

★BEN&SHIZUKA ヒーリングタオワークショップ!★

Next month starting August 17th, 7:00-10:00pm, Shizuka Tsuchiya and Benjamin Robins will be presenting a 4 part Universal Healing Tao workshop series.

This is a 4 part workshop series in the Universal Healing Tao practice.

This workshop series is a collaboration between Shizuka Tsuchiya and Benjamin Robins.
Both are Universal Healing Tao Instructors and Shizuka is also a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner.

The collaborative teaching will provide the unique experience of the balance of both male (yang) and female (yin) energy and essence.

We will start each class with a warm-up sequence.
The warm-up sequence will included exercises to open the joints and spine, stretching exercises to strengthen the tendons and also activate the energy of the internal organs. We will do Taoist breathing to activate the dantien energy and create a connection between universal and earth energy.

Following the warm-up we will move into the basic practices of Universal Healing Tao.
In each week we will practice the Iron Shirt Qigong, the Inner Smile meditation and the Six Healing Sounds.

The course will take place on:

Week 1: August 17th
Week 2: August 24th
Week 3: August 31st
Week 4: September 7th

Time: 7-10pm
Cost: ¥3675 per week or ¥12600 for all 4 classes (save ¥2100)

Location: New Paradigm Center
1F Ogihara Building, 22-7 MotoYoyogiCho, Shibuya
The venue is 5mins walk from Yoyogi Hachiman station and 7mins walk from Yoyogi Uehara station.
Please check the map for further details.

チネイザンでおなじみ土屋しずかさんとタオイストBenjamin Robinsによるコラボ企画!










全4回。8月17日(水)、24日(水)、31日(水)、9月7日(水) 19:00~22:00

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